I quit my job to start a PhD

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No pain, no gain

After seven months as R&D engineer in a startup, I finally quit my position to start, next week, a PhD at the University of Luxembourg.
I am not into serious trouble or awkward trouble with the awesome DernierCri’s team, I loved my work and people who are working at, but my wish is to be an expert in my speciality. For me, the only way to be an expert is :

  1. to learn,
  2. to experiment,
  3. to fail (which is not able today in companies, mostly in startups),
  4. to determine where you failed,
  5. to determine why you failed,
  6. to find a solution,
  7. to succeed,
  8. go back to 1.

This is exactly what a PhD is to me: a giant sandbox where you can experiment and discuss with guru to finally find a/some solution(s) to the problem you are solving, and publish it/them.

So yes, this PhD is the perfect occasion to experiment, and to improve myself by failing and succeeding.

The subject of my PhD thesis is not 100% defined, I can just say that I will work on “Automated Document Processing”, with Dr. Jacques Klein and Dr. Tegawende F. Bissyande, my future supervisors.
I am really excited to start it.
I know the next three years will be harder than today (and I am scared of it), but there is also the excitation to learn new things and to leave my mark via research papers, and this excitation exceeds this fear.

Also, this new stage will be an occasion to me to improve myself in English, to learn German, and to post new posts regularly on this blog about my work, things I learned, experimentations, blablabla…

For this occasion, I moved to Thionville, an East city near Metz and Luxembourg (obviously).
The city is kindly great and very (very very very…) peaceful :-)

Yeah, it’s a fresh start!