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Is Skynet on his way?

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"The End Is Near" #LOL
Abstract Skynet is a technology reached by the Terminator franchise. In this saga, Skynet is an artificial intelligence which thought that the Human race is malicious, and has to be exterminated (pretty optimistic…). This artificial intelligence has been developed by engineers to help Humans for some difficult situations but, obviously (we are in a science-fiction movie), the artificial intelligence has developed itself and became aware of itself. People who are afraid of artificial intelligence always bring up this example, whenever there is an artificial intelligence success.

Is Tay just a modern teen?

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Ghost in the shell...
Abstract Tay is a teen-talking chat bot, built to discuss with people on the internet, specifically on Twitter. This bot is a creation of Microsoft’s Technology & Research and Bing teams, and was released eight days ago. A few hours after the release, this bot has been known as a crazy and racist bot, an Hitler-loving and a feminist-bashing troll. Tay is now off for several days/weeks or maybe months.

Choose the one

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Brainfuck > ALL
Abstract We, humans, need to communicate to better understand each other, and what we can do together. This communication must be mutual. Thanks to this one, we can better understand what we want to do, what we have to do and what to be done. The communication can be start between 2 persons, or more, using a dialect called language. The language contains words, made with at least one symbol (basically, a character).