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A brief overview of a good Python package manager
I write Python code each day, for personal and professional projects. As I am working on multiple Python projects, old and fresh ones, I have to use different Python versions for those projects, from 2.7.2 to 3.7.0. Also, I want to switch the Python version of my projects very easily and quickly, in case of we have to upgrade the Python version of the software. I am a macOS user, and I use a lot HomeBrew.

One year after, I stopped my PhD

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I was wrong...
One year ago, I wrote a simple blog post: I quit my job to start a PhD, and I explained in this blog post that I quitted my job at DernierCri for a PhD in Luxembourg on Automated Document Processing. I was really excited about this new adventure, especially because I really wanted to be an expert in the (large) domain of Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning [ML] especially) and Natural Language Processing [NLP], since my Bachelor Degree.

It's all about community

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People are everything
It’s on - my first blog post for 2018! All my best wishes for this new year, about love, health, and love (quoting Patrick Sebastien, “love is everything”). Ok, let’s talk about something more serious… Today, I want to talk about Rust. Yes, Rust, again. But this time it’s not about something I discovered, implemented or anything along the lines… You know, during the two last years, I tried to “promote” this programming language everywhere, because I strongly believe in Rust.

Rustfest, an amazing experience

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In Rust, We Trust
RustFest is an European event to attempt general talks about Rust, and to meet people from the Rust community. I was able to buy my ticket a few weeks ago, just before writing my post about why I stopped writing my projects in Rust. RustFest is a two-days event. The first day is a series of talks from the Rust team (in Mozilla) and, predominantly, the Rust community about: the past and the future of the programming language, POCs, how to deal with macros, awesome new projects like 3D games, a gently introduction for developing 2D games (and how easy is it), why a company choosed to move their tech stack to Rust, etc.

See you, Rust!

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During the summer of 2014, I tried to learn the C++ programming language - primarily because I wanted to deal with OOP, using something other than Java (which was, unfortunately, the main programming language in my University). At this time, I used mainly two paradigms: imperative programming (with C), and functional programming (with OCaml) - it’s not a coincidence if C and OCaml were my two favorite programming languages. I borrowed the official book from Bjarne Stroustrup in my library (C++11) and, while reading the book, I became fascinated by two things: firstly by the great trade-off performance/abstraction provided by the language, which I missed with C; and secondly by the complexity of this programming language.

Is research innovation still belongs to Universities ?

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I started my PhD two months ago, on automated ways to classify documents, and I begin to be depressed… Since I started University in Computer Science, I wanted to do a PhD in biocomputing, combinatorial optimization, or machine learning. In CS class, Machine learning was the area I enjoyed the most - so it was natural to look for a PhD in ML. For me, research activities conduct to new innovative techniques, or tools, which have to be tested on real world examples.

I quit my job to start a PhD

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No pain, no gain
After seven months as R&D engineer in a startup, I finally quit my position to start, next week, a PhD at the University of Luxembourg. I am not into serious trouble or awkward trouble with the awesome DernierCri’s team, I loved my work and people who are working at, but my wish is to be an expert in my speciality. For me, the only way to be an expert is :

My new GNU/Linux configuration

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k0pernicus 2.0
Yeah, I get back from macOS to GNU/Linux, and I am really happy ! During the last French sales, I bought a new laptop to replace my 2013 Macbook Air: a Zenbook from Asus. This Zenbook is the UX310, with 8 Gbytes of RAM, 256 Gbytes of SSD, an i7 processor and, finaly, a QHD+ display screen (which is awesome). The pros of this laptop are that it runs approximately 10 hours (on a GNU/Linux distribution like Ubuntu), a great keyboard, an awesome screen and a great compatibility with the major GNU/Linux distributions.

My new year's resolutions

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current_year += 1;
Happy new year ! I hope that 2016 has been great for you. For me, 2016 was mixed: good (my internship at Montreal, my graduation and a pretty cool job) and bad times (many assassination attempts and, obviously, the election of Trump). This year, we increment (again) the counter, and pass from 2016 to 2017, and I hope that this new year will be full of love, tolerance and respect.

I'm finished with you, Charlemagne!

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Stressed Out
I’m wondering myself about the title of this post, 2 days ago… The first title I chosen was “I’m finished school… and I’m scared!”, but it was not really geeky, and pretty pessimistic. The next I chosen was “The Legend of k0pernicus: A New Scary Adventure”, which was pretty geeky but also pessimistic (again). Finally, “I’m finished with you, Charlemagne!” refers to the end of my school period and, depending on who is reading this post, might be felt as a pretty good thing, or just pretty scary thing…