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My new year's resolutions

Posted at — Jan 2, 2017

Happy new year !

I hope that 2016 has been great for you. For me, 2016 was mixed: good (my internship at Montreal, my graduation and a pretty cool job) and bad times (many assassination attempts and, obviously, the election of Trump).

This year, we increment (again) the counter, and pass from 2016 to 2017, and I hope that this new year will be full of love, tolerance and respect.

In this blog post, I show you my personal resolutions for 2017. Because, as you know, a new year comes new resolutions !

A healthy spirit in a healthy body

This year, I have to loose weight! A lot of weight! And, to loose weight, I have to exercise myself, eat healthier, and respect my sleep cycle. I wish to continue fencing, or to put on my rollerblades to discover new areas of my city… but I am lazy! :-(

To practice a sport and eat two burgers per day at lunch is (really) not a good method to loose weights (unfortunately…). So, with my girlfriend, we have pledged that 2017 is the year of some healthier diners !

Come on Antonin, five fruits and five vegetables per day… You can do it !

Read, read, and read again…

I love rea but, unfortunately, I didn’t read as much as I wanted to in 2016. This year, my second resolution is to read MORE: a book (fiction, biography, …) every two weeks, and a research article per week (because to keep me informed about computer science researchs is important for me, and because I miss computer science research) in machine learning, compilers and operating systems domains.

One big free/open source contribution this year

During the last month, I realized that I am not particularly good to begin and maintain a computer projects. So, instead of developing something, I want to contribute to a big free and/or open source project. My choice is to contribute mainly to Redox-OS, a Rust operating system. The community is great, the project is big, awesome and important, and Redox is written with Rust! Just the perfect project to involve myself in :-)

Mastering three “new” programming languages

My main programming language is Python. I spent virtually four years to be really good using this programming language and, in all modesty, I’m pretty good using Python. But Python is boring now, and I want to create and contribute to projects using typed and compiled programming languages. So, for me, I will perform myself with :

The goal, for me, is to acquire some automatic reflexes for each of those programming languages, and to contribute to one big free and/or open source project (for each one).

Back to GNU/Linux

Yes, I was wrong… macOS is cool but I miss a good operating system to contribute in strong computer projects like Redox-OS. Also, I think that 2017 will be the year to free myself about some “big brother” companies like Google, Apple, Dropbox or whatever… So, to begin the year with a free operating system (Arch Linux I think) sounds a good investment ;-)