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Rustfest, an amazing experience

Posted at — Oct 1, 2017

RustFest is an European event to attempt general talks about Rust, and to meet people from the Rust community.

Rustfest 2017 badge

RustFest is a two-days event. The first day is a series of talks from the Rust team (in Mozilla) and, predominantly, the Rust community about: the past and the future of the programming language, POCs, how to deal with macros, awesome new projects like 3D games, a gently introduction for developing 2D games (and how easy is it), why a company choosed to move their tech stack to Rust, etc. Each talk was a lesson: how to deal with a “rust-matic” problem, how to manage your project, how to deal with this feature, or how to present a complex subject to a various auditory.

Each people I discussed with was a huge wealth of wisdom, experience and knowledge. I discussed, drink beers, and eat (expensive) burgers, with incredible guys from France, Switzerlang, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Russia, United States of America, and many other countries!

To me, this first day of RustFest was more than a talks day, it was an epiphany. Rust brings us more than just incredible technology, it brings us a family. Thanks to this event, I remembered why I love Rust, and why this programming language is, actually, my favorite one. After making Zou awesome, I plan to begin to contribute to a big “Rust product”: Servo, thanks to Simon Sapin.

Also, Zürich is such a beautiful place to host this kind of event.

Thanks a lot to the awesome speakers: Felix Klock, Élisabeth Henry, Geoffroy Couprie (your love for macros is insane man! :-)), Alex Burka, Mohammed Makhlouf, Thomas Wickham, Igor Matuszewski, Niklas Adolfsson, Andrea Lattuada, Jorge Aparicio (aka “the-awesome-japaric”), Pierre Krieger, Andre “the poet” Bogus, Lisa, Fedor Logachev, and Anselm Eickhoff, thanks for the RustFest crew (I don’t have your names, but I love you guys <3), the sponsors and all the people and institutions who helped in creating, promoting, and maintaining the event.

Don’t change, you’re awesome 😘

In Rust, We Trust 🤘

Rustfest participants

Credits for this picture: the RustFest team Original tweet here